Who Are Dental Therapists?


Who Are Dental Therapists?

By Ramona Kshlerin 2 years ago Dentist

Dental therapists are persons who tend to substitute the dental hygienists and dentists in a rural area. It is common that people living in rural areas are devoid of regular oral checkups. They are uninsured and people from low-income classes. So, Due to such issues, such people are unable to spend on dental services on a regular basis.

Here in this article, We will tell you about the job of a dental therapist, the procedures and treatments they offer, and whether you require visiting a dental therapist or not.

What is the Job of a Dental Therapist?

A dental therapist is to assist qualified and experienced dentists in their duty just the same as a physician assists the doctor. So that the doctor can handle more patients with equal care to each of them. 

They acquire dental degrees from accredited schools. They undergo strict training by attending clinical visits to dental hospitals alongside attending regular classes in schools. During the clinical visit, they learn about dental procedures under the supervision of dental hygienists. 

After the completion of their degree, they achieve a bachelor's, masters, degree, or advanced degree. Accordingly, they get the right to perform such dental procedures with or without supervision. 

What are the Procedures they Follow?

Whenever you visit a dental therapist, he/she performs the following tests to assess your dental health. It includes-

  1. Taking X-rays of your teeth from the area of your pain or your set of teeth
  2. Polishing of your teeth
  3. Filling up the cavities in case of some plaques
  4. Replacing the crowns 
  5. Repairing dental prosthetic
  6. Extraction of baby teeth if not fallen
  7. Making of mouth guards for the aged persons
  8. Lastly, they advise you on further steps you must take for your teeth. 

Where Can You Find a Dental Therapist?

They are meant to provide basic dental care in dental offices or by home visits. They work for communities where people do not have dental insurance. Some of the common places where you can visit include- 

  1. Public or free health clinics, rural or tribal health clinics, mobile dental vans, schools, and other charity institutions.
  2. Community clinics include- veteran clinics, nursing homes, and others. 

Dental Therapists are a Part of the Dental Team

They have basic knowledge about clinical procedures followed in a dental clinic. So, they are mostly hired by dental hygienists and dentists in their clinics. They assist the dentists and gain experience in the process. During the process, they can handle patients in the initial phase or with less aid.

They are acknowledged to perform the clinical dental procedure only under the supervision of a dentist. A dentist must diagnose the case before they perform the treatment. They gain much experience so that a licensed dentist is not required to be present at all times. 

You must visit dentist Berwick only. So you must review your condition with the dentist before performing any test on your teeth.


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