5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Toddler Composed During a Dentist Visit


5 Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Toddler Composed During a Dentist Visit

By Ramona Kshlerin 2 years ago Uncategorized

Sitting on a dentist’s chair can be a scary thought for anyone. Isn’t it? However, being an adult, we can prepare ourselves to deal with a dental experience, but what about our kids, especially toddlers? Any new experience for toddlers can scare or upset them. So, how can you prepare your toddler for a dentist visit? In this blog, we will disclose some of the key tips for parents to keep their toddlers calm during a dental checkup. 

For parents, toddler years are undoubtedly the trickiest one. Among various struggles that parents face with toddlers, taking them to a dentist’s office is the biggest challenge. Though the professionals in the field of dentistry for children know the effective ways to calm children during their dental visit, being a parent, you must also initiate your efforts to prepare your child for his visit into the dentist’s office. Here are some of the key tips to keep them calm while in the dentist’s chair. 

Educate your toddler in advance about the dentist: 

It is important to teach your toddler about the dentist before visiting there. Not informing the toddler about the dentist visit may create a shock factor and can even make them more nervous and apprehensive in front of the dentist. It can further make it difficult for the parents to control their toddler into the dentist's chair. Therefore, it is advisable to teach your toddler about the dentist before your visit, this will help to make your experience smoother and easier. There are several ways to educate your toddler about the dentist. 

  1. One of the most effective ways is to play pretend. You can play with your toddler using dentist toys (instruments and items) and let him imagine that you both are at a dentist’s office. You can take turns being a dentist and patient and with the help of doctor tools toy set, you can make it seem very real. Your kid will surely love playing pretend with you. Besides, it will give you the chance to explain about the dentist and let your toddler know that a dentist isn’t a scary person at all. 
  2. Another effective way to teach your toddler about the dentist is by reading books containing stories and rhymes related to a dentist visit. All this will help your toddler to know what to expect at the dentist’s clinic. While teaching your child, make sure to take a pause and ask your kid what they understood till now. Also, answer all the questions that they may have about the dentist. 

Finally, make sure to prepare your toddler how to face the dentist before you arrive at the dentist’s office. Tell them everything starting from the moment they enter the office to the moment they leave. Also, help them clear all their doubts that they may have. This kind of preparation will help to keep your toddlers calm and less nervous once they actually visit a dentist. 

Schedule your dental visit at the right time

Make sure to schedule your dental visit at the right time. It means that they must be fed, hydrated, and rested well before they arrive at a dental office. An imbalance in any of these factors may make them more annoyed and disturbed during a dentist visit. Therefore, it is vital to prioritize their sleep and food before the dental visit. You can simply

  1. Follow your child’s regular bedtime routine at the night before your appointment
  2. Try to fix your dental appointment at a time that doesn't disturb their daily activities such as naps time, meals, etc. 

Doing this may help your toddler feel their best right before they enter the dentist's office.

Distract your toddler

No matter what best efforts you make to make your toddler calm at the dentist’s visit, there is still a possibility that your toddler will suffer a major breakdown during the appointment. You must be prepared for this in advance. There are many ways to handle the situation and allow the dentist to complete the dental exam and other things quickly. Some of the effective ways are:

  1. Bring your toddler’s favorite toys.  Many experts suggest that parents must bring with them their kid’s toys or comfort items to keep them busy while they wait or when they sit in the dentist’s chair. 
  2. Tell your child a story or anything that he likes while he is in the dentist’s chair.

Making your child comfortable and distracting his mind in some other things will help both your child and the dentist to finish the examination process quickly and easily. 

Let the dentist and hygienist take the lead

It is obvious to step in as a parent whenever your toddler gets upset, anxious, or disturbed. However, when you are at a child’s dental clinic, the staff there knows well how to deal with toddlers. They know how to calm down a scared or uncontrollable toddler and work with him. Therefore, let the dentist and hygienist take the lead to handle your toddler.

Stay within your child's sight

Though you are allowing the dentist and hygienist to take the lead, to ease your child’s fear and anxiety, it is important for you to stay by your toddler’s side. Your presence will surely make your toddler feel at ease, and you can make different reactions to help your child reach appropriately to whatever happens during the dental visit. 


Dental visits are necessary for toddlers to ensure their good oral health. However, it can be a scary experience for many toddlers to visit a dentist. By following all the above-mentioned tips and tricks, you can keep your toddler calm while sitting in the dentist's chair. You can even contact professionals in the field of dentistry for children to clear any doubts or questions about your toddler's oral health. 



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